The Second Hand


The Greek Solidarity Caravan attempting a new breakthrough in the way of enhancing the voluntary offer and income of NGOs has been leading and carried since 2002 and in Greece the institution of charity stores "CHARITY SHOP", which is widely spread in many European countries, with its second-hand shop



With this institution the Caravan has succeeded in activating even more the voluntary participation and the offer of the citizens in order to be able to expand its existing programs and to promote and implement it alongside the economic adoption programs and new actions. 




In addition to the "second hand" ecologically, a complete recycling not onl y of the raw materials of an object (paper, glass, metal), as we are used to, but the whole object is "recycled" and survives intact



An object less useful and old - but not damaged - for you becomes a new asset and useful to the other. This makes a beautiful, cheerful, anonymous bargain among those who offer free of charge to those who buy at very cheap prices and in excellent condition gifts, decorative items, jewelery, jewelery, artwork, small furniture, books, cd-dvd, etc. , except for clothing and shoes.


In this endeavor to help orphaned children, we would like to find you supporters by offering us objects for our shop.


greek caravan of solidarity the second hand

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