The Greek Caravan of Solidarity standing by the  children of Uganda orphaned  by AIDS.


Campaign to find medical supplies for the  fight  against  AIDS.


Delegates  of the Greek Caravan of Solidarity returned after travelling  to Uganda, in order  to facilitate the  implementation of  the first phase of the  programme of assistance, for  orphaned children who have lost  one or both of their parents died from AIDS.


greek caravan programme of Uganda 


The  Caravan came into contact with approximately  200 parents or guardians of orphaned children in Uganda and gave an amount of 200 dollars for each child. We noted  that the annual income per capita in Uganda is approximately  500 dollars and that it is one of the countries  which has been most  afflicted by AIDS virus, in the world.


The money that was distributed by the  Caravan came from  Greek donors for  the programme of  "economic adoption" of  orphaned children, and  is  given  directly into the hands of the  parents or guardians. This gave the Caravan  the opportunity to personally  meet and speak with the locals, who were facing enormous health problems, in addition to the  problem of malnutrition in the area.

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