Humanitarian aid to Somalia by the Greek Caravan of Solidarity.


Humanitarian aid for  1,000 Somalian refugee families is being transported by the  Caravan, which begins tomorrow to visit areas on the Kenya - Somalia border. Tens of thousands of families are  stuck there because of the ongoing civil  clashes and  the deadly  drought.


The situation in Somalia has been characterized by the United  Nations as the worst human crisis during  the last decade.


A delegation from  the  Caravan, who were already there, have  purchased, from neighboring countries, items of basic necessity  and have  prepared 


greek caravan programme of Somalia 


packages  of food (rice, sugar,  macaroni, beans, flour, powdered milk, etc.) for approximately  1,000 families. In addition, a quantity of medicines brought  from Greece were also distributed.

The delegation has arranged for  distribution of the human aid  to the families of refugees on the Sunday and Wednesday (16-17 / 10/2011).


greek caravan programme of Somalia

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