The Greek Caravan of  Solidarity, following the great success of the programme of “economic adoption" of  orphaned children of Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo, began, in the Spring 2002, a new programme of humanitarian aid  for orphaned children of Palestine.


greek caravan programme Palestine 


The new program began for  orphaned children from  the  ruined  city of Jenin and is named AL DOURRA. It is the name of the Palestinian father, who we saw on our TV’s, to cradle the body of his small son in his arms,  to protect him from the Israeli gunfire. The result: the child  dead and  the father heavily wounded.

The Caravan collaborated with the Palestinian Embassy in Athens, the Greek Consulate in Jerusalem, and with  the Association of Greek Women in Palestine,  as  much for the obtainment of data regarding  orphaned  children, as  for the  organization of  a mission for  delivery of financial aid to  the entitled guardians.

The first trip of the Caravan  took place in May 2003 and took in  all the big Palestinian cities (Jenin, Bethlehem, Nablus, Kalantia and Ramallah).

The programme in Palestine lasted for  a total of 3 years (2002-2005) and provided economic  assistance to approximately 650 orphaned children.

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