A deputation from the Caravan  accompanied by many  reporters  from the mass media  and with the support of the Hellenic Armed  Forces of Kosovo (ELDYKO), visited the Serbian enclaves in Kosovo with a view to helping  the orphaned children.


We managed to visit many towns and villages where children  from the  programme of  "economic adoption"  were living, and gave direct financial assistance into the hands of parents and guardians, many  of whom were  widowed mothers. We also passed on many letters and gifts from their Greek donors.


greek caravan programme Kosovo 


We received, in return, the immense gratitude of the  children and their guardians towards their donor friends, when , with much emotion, they  received  money, gifts and warm wishes. The Caravan came to be their only hope and the only humanitarian organization to have  reached  their regions to bring them help.

We promised  that we would  certainly return and assured them that the Greek people would  help and stand by them  in the fight for  survival which they were giving  under such difficult circumstances.


At the same time, with the invaluable help of Hellenic Armed  Forces of Kosovo (ELDYKO), and without any discrimination (Albanians, Serbs, Gypsies), we gave parcels of food to impoverished families of  the area, always following  the same criteria.


We owe  great thanks  to the Hellenic Armed  Forces of Kosovo (ELDYKO) who willingly and tirelessly offered us  their  valuable  assistance and security in order for us to bring our mission to a favorable conclusion.  Without  their help  we could not  have  accomplished it.


greek caravan programme Kosovo

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