The purpose of the programme is the economic support of families of orphaned children whose custody has been undertaken by their grandfather and / or their grandmother, as well as children orphaned by one parent,  when the remaining parent  is unemployed.




Terms and conditions of participation:

1. Children  orphaned by both parents, up to the age of 16 years old and living in the home of their grandfather and / or grandmother. In the event that the beneficiaries have  temporary or final custody of the children, the children are not required to be orphaned by both parents. Also, children  orphaned  by one parent,  the other parent being unemployed, and with an  income that does  not exceed the annual unemployment allowance.

2. Beneficiaries of the programme with limited incomes. The upper limit of their income, on the basis of which they are entitled to  help, is defined as the family income which corresponds to the lowest pension or the unemployment allowance.

The programmes  consist of raising money from donors who are interest in offered financial support; “adopting” a child  or children. The money will be given  directly into the hands of the beneficiary on receipt of  a signature. 

3. The Greek Caravan of Solidarity  will work together with the social services of the Municipalities, with schools and with other relevant bodies.


greek caravan of solidarity programme fo orphaned children in Greece


The above bodies and, in particular the social services of the Municipalities, provide:

•    Report - social background for the child's family.

• Certification that the orphaned child lives  in the home of the  grandmother or grandfather, who have the guardianship and  care of the child.. This  is required  regardless of whether they hold formal custody.

• A copy of the Court's custody- guardianship  decision for the child or of the application for   interim custody from the County Court. If none of the above exists, a statement from a social worker must be provided stating that the grandfather or the grandmother exercises substantive guardianship.

• Child’s birth certificate.

•Child's family status certificate.

• Death certificate of one, or both parents.

• Confirmation of children's school attendance, which is a prerequisite for the continuation of the assistance.

• Tax declaration of  guardian.

• Any document regarding possible health problems of the child or guardian

• Photocopy of the guardian’s identity card

• Photocopy of a National Bank booklet for children residing outside Athens.


greek caravan of solidarity programme fo orphaned children in Greece


4. The Greek Caravan of Solidarity  undertakes the commitment to provide to the beneficiaries an annual allowance of  €600. This assistance is provided under the condition that  donors  will be found to undertake  part or whole of  the  amount, in order to support the orphaned child.

5. Despite the fact that for the Greek Caravan of Solidarity’s  programmes abroad, the possibility of communication between child and donor was the norm, for the present  programme, direct communication is not considered desirable. This is for understandable  reasons regarding the security and protection of the personal data of both donors and the children.

The Greek Caravan of Solidarity, the bodies and social services of the Municipality are all committed  to not disclosing the names  of  families, the children, nor the  donors, to anyone other than  the Greek Caravan of Solidarity .

Any possible communication between the child and the donor  must  be made through the Greek Caravan of Solidarity,  where provision is made for the preservation of anonymity.

6. The existence of above mentioned conditions by families of orphaned children does not mean their automatic inclusion in the programme and does not create a claim for the provision of assistance. A claim can be made only  if a donor is found.

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