Other programmes


Apart from  to the basic programme of "economic adoption" of orphaned children, the Greek Caravan of Solidarity:


·      In 1997,  organized and carried out successive  consignments of humanitarian aid, with food, medicines and hospital supplies  to Albania (more than 25,000 individual packages).

·      Organized and carried out   consignments of medical supplies to  the people of Sudan.


greek caravan solidarity other programmes 


·      Offered help to Kurdish refugees in Greece through the  provision of food, clothing, sleeping bags and hygiene  products.


·      In the spring of 1999, during the bombardment,   carried out a mission to Belgrade and dispatched food and medical supplies to two hospitals and one orphanage.


·      Organized four voluntary blood donation collections for the needs of hospitals in Yugoslavia.


·      After the 1999 earthquake in Athens, offered  help to the homeless through  the provision of tents and food, and additionally  through a support programme for  elderly casualties  in the Municipality of Menidi.


·      Helped, both economically and procedurally, to repatriate Kurdish political refugees from Iraq,  living in Greece, with their relatives in Australia.



·      Offered gifts (toys and clothes) to the children of the "Hatzikyriakio”. orphanage.



·      Offered food (in individual packages) to the Assyrian Community of Attica.

·      Sent  medical equipment to Sudan for the creation of a dental surgery.


·      Laid  a table with packages  of food, collected  by donors of the Greek Caravan, during  the campaign  "This  year invite a needy child to  your  Easter table”,  to be offered to families of our underage children in need




·     Launched  a campaign  to find specific medical  material relating  to children in Uganda  suffering from AIDS.  This  occurred  after our representatives, who were already there  for  the purpose of the economic adoptions of  orphaned children, came into contact with the sparse local health services, and decided to extend the programme.

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