The Greek Caravan of Solidarity  was established in 1993 and is one of the oldest Greek non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).

Our organization, in a  modest manner, developed significant activity in the sector  of direct humanitarian aid, though principally through  the support of orphaned families with the programme of "economic adoption" of orphaned children, by Greek donors. Our donors are everyday  people who know where their money is going,  trust us and, often by depriving themselves, undertake to support  a child.

Furthermore, in 2002, the Greek  Caravan of Solidarity inaugurated the first  charity shop in Greece  “SECOND HAND”, following on the well-know model of philanthropic shops already established in Europe.

Through its creation, the Caravan has succeeded in activating even more voluntary participation and contributions from citizens, so as now to be in a position to widen  the  existing programmes and to simultaneously promote and carry out its programmes  for  economic adoptions along with  new activities.


why we differ economic adoption


We are proud of our work and for this reason we wish to clearly state  that throughout the years, we have not accepted even one euro,  neither from the funds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations,  nor from the European Union.

We did not take and  we did not ask. We did not ask because it is our unshakeable conviction that there cannot be an  non-governmental organization which is supported by  "governmental" grants. An organization such as ours cannot  rush  to wherever  the  money and the objectives of the donors are directed, and  not where there are  real needs

So that is why  we do not wish  to be involved  with the delays and opaque dealings of  national and European funding. 

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